Pineapple – Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Pineapple fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Pineapple cartoon fruits song for kids. Thorny and rough on the outside, sweet and sour with a distinct punch in the inside. It’s truly a tropical delight! Pineapple is a great fruit!

I’m a tropical fruit and wear a crown, a crown,
My scaly skin is yellow, green or brown, or brown,

I grow not on trees but very close to the ground,

Mostly in summers, in every town I am found!!


I’ve the name of another fruit in me, in me,

My crown will help you grow more of me, of me,

I have a sweet aroma and eyes all over me,

You must remove them before you eat me!


I’m cylindrical and tangy, also sweet, so sweet,

My juice can help you beat the summer heat, the heat,

I’m rich in nutrients, my jams kids love to eat,

Name me, my pastries are always a treat!

Chorus : You’re a pineapple and cutting you is a feat!!!

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