Plum Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Plum fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Plum cartoon fruits song for kids. A deep red and shiny fruit you can’t have enough of! Plums are one of the richest vitamin-packed fruits on this planet. This song has a lot more facts you should know about this fruit.

I grow on trees that blossom in spring,

I am round with a smooth and waxy skin,

That’s red or purple, sour and thin,

Peaches, almonds and cherries are my kin.


With a big and hard seed I am a fruit,

I belong to a family of stone fruits,

With flesh around the seed, called a drupe,

I’m also dried and eaten as a prune.


You have my jams and cakes every other day,

I give Vitamin C, A and K,

Eating me fresh and raw is the best way,

I’m sour-sweet, my name can you say?

Chorus: You’re a plum, you  keep diseases away!

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