Plumber – Rhymes on Profession

Plumbers are a nimble lot! They are quick to identify any leaks or blockages in your drains and pipes and fix it. Want to know how they work and help us every day? Watch this rhyme and learn.

I work on tanks, valves and washers,

Wherever there is need of water.

Showers and taps would go dry without me.

A plumber is what they call me!



I am much needed, in homes and schools,

Offices, parks and swimming pools.

To install all kinds of fittings,

In washrooms and kitchens!




I clear up the blockages in pipes;

I repair fittings to give them a new life;

I fix leakages that are a head ache;

And drainages for your sake!




Saws and pliers, plungers and spanners,

Cutters, threaders, tapes and hammers,

In my toolkit you’d always find these,

They make my work a breeze!




When the force of water is simply too less,

When logged water is causing a big mess,

Just give me a call, and find me at your door,

You won’t need to complain anymore!



Very precious is every water drop,

For life on earth, for growing trees and crops.

So to you is my sincere advice,

In using water please be wise!


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