Police officer – Rhymes on Profession

Police officers! They are always up and about patrolling streets, under-cover or on beat. There is so much that they do. They have a whole lot of lost and found. They are always their to set things right, and make you feel safe and comfortable!

I belong to the police force;

To me any crime you may report.

I catch thieves and don’t let them flee.

A police officer is what they call me!


I patrol your city, night and day.

Face many dangers, come what may.

I may be a woman or a man,

See me on foot or a bike, or in a van.


In a uniform I’m usually dressed,

Be it north, south, east or west,

But in civil clothes I may move around,

To spot thugs hiding in the town!


I detect and prevent crime,

Arrest law-breakers, and charge them a fine.

I help in rescue operations,

And handle critical situations!


Directing traffic is one of my jobs,

Also controlling unruly mobs,

Even when I am off duty,

I am in charge of your security!


I endure very tough training.

I serve you without complaining.

A Commissioner or a constable,

For your safety I’m responsible!

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