Pomegranate Fruit Rhyme for Children

Pomegranates are little beads infused with key nutrients. Watch this rhyme to learn more about this precious fruit.

I grow on small trees, I’m packed with red seeds.

So juicy and sweet and good to eat,

I make salads and juices colourful indeed!


When I’m unripe, green is my skin,

that turns light or deep red as I ripen.

It’s thick and leathery but a great medicine.


A symbol of health, I’m a wonderful fruit.

In ancient Persia, I have my roots,

All over the world I’ve found my route.


To cut me open, there’s a special way,

Have my juice to drive infections away,

Have my seeds for fibre, my name can you say?

You’re a pomegranate, you’re welcome any day!

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