Porcupine Rhymes

Porcupine rhyme & video for children to learn about Porcupine. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on porcupine. A ball of spikes! There are a bunch of things you would definitely enjoy learning about this cute little animal.

I’m a big rodent called a porcupine.

I wear an armour of sharp quills or spines.

For protection from enemies I’ve a trick,

When they come near I give them a good prick!

My quills are actually modified hair,

When they fall, in their place new ones I bear.

When I sense danger they stand on their ends,

But they don’t really harm my friends.

I feed on leaves, fruits, twigs and bark.

I’m more active in the night when it’s dark.

With my sharp claws I climb trees very well,

I’ve a strong sense of hearing and smell!

I live mostly in trees in forests dense,

In grasslands and desserts too,

In homes called dens.

My babies are called porcupettes,

At your own risk you may keep me as your pet!

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