Postman – Rhymes on Profession

Postmen have an important job to do… They deliver what’s important to you! In some homes, it’s customary to invite them in for tea when they deliver mails! Think about the number of friends they make at work. Being in mail delivery has its rewards!

I’m a postman, or a mail carrier.

I deliver mail despite all barriers.

On foot or a bicycle, I move around.

In my uniform, that’s blue, green or brown.




All day long in the town I roam.

Carry post from the post office to your homes.

From outgoing mailboxes I gather mail,

And dropit at the post office without fail!




Any corner of the town I can reach,

Be it on a hill or on a beach,

But sometimes I land up in a plight,

When the postaladdresses are not quite right!






I help you keep in touch with your friends,

And kith and kinat the world’s end.

With picture postcards, parcels and letters,

I make your life so much better!



I bring you news that gives you joy.

Like the birth of a baby girl or a boy.

Mail that says all is very well,

And informs you of wedding bells!



I deliver your job applications,

To distant continents and nations.

I bring your results of examinations,

And sweet news of your promotions!



Until not very long ago,

I was valued and awaited so.

Now you have emails, so you may not need me,

But at your service I’ll always be!

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