Potato – Vegetable Rhyme

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates… It’s a huge hit! You find it in almost all forms– mashed, fried, deep-fried, or in casserole bases! Don’t peel the skin, because it has plenty of nutrients within! Curious to know more about this all-time favorite? Then THIS is just the song for you! Go ahead, listen to it and enjoy the song!

I’m a tuber called potato,

I grow under the ground.

I store food in me,

All the year round I am found.


I’m a light yellow on the inside,

My skin is thin and brown.

If I’m stocked for too long then,

‘eyes’ on me are found.


Have my skin for its fiber,

my starch for energy,

Have me for my Potassium, vitamin B6 and C.


Boil or bake me, fry or roast me,

Stew me, cook me anyhow.

In your French-fries or your cutlets or your curries,

I’m simply wow!


Have me but don’t you turn into a ‘couch potato’!

Avoid too much of me,

But don’t ‘drop me like a hot potato’!

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