Pumpkin – Vegetable Rhyme

Pumpkins! They mark the end of a harvest. They’re very good for health. You know what else is special? Those spooky lanterns that you can scoop and carve out of them.

The Jack-o’-lantern of Halloween, I’m a pumpkin,

The biggest vegetable, all gourds are my kin,

My sweet pulp’s orange or yellow,

I have a thick and hard skin,

I’m round and big but I am quite hollow within.


I grow on the ground from flowers on vines,

My seeds when dried and peeled taste fine!

Grate and use my skin to make dishes more than nine,

Have my soups and puddings when you dine.


For a great eyesight, vitamin A abounds in me,

I also have minerals, vitamin E and C,

My skin and seeds will give you nutrients and fiber in plenty,

I grant you good health making illnesses flee!

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