Rabbit Rhymes

Here is a song on rabbits! Rabbit rhyme & Video for children to learn about the velvety animal, rabbit. Watch this lovely kids rhyme on rabbits. The first thing that comes to you is probably their precious paws and their special hopping style…

I’m the soft, furry rabbit, black or white,

Brown or grey, domestic or wild,

I live in meadows and burrows underground,

In groups I am generally found!


I’ve big, shiny eyes, long and floppy ears,

That stand up when there’s danger, far or near,

Like a ball of sponge is my bushy tail,

I’m famous for many of my tales.


I am playful and love hopping around,

But hide when there is the slightest sound,

I love eating hay and tender leaves,

Magic shows are no fun without me!

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