Rambutan – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Rambutan is an exotic fruit… The name says it all doesn’t it? Hairy and fleshy, it’s one of its kinds. You’ve just gotta give this a try to know how amazing it is. Listen to this song and you’ll know what a great fruit it is.

I’m an exotic tropical fruit,

that was discovered in South East Asia

I’m cultivated in Thailand,

Phillipines, Malaysia and Indonesia.


We are cousins,

lychee and I,

When peeled we seem alike

to the eye,

I get my name from the Indonesian word

‘rambut’ that means ‘hair’

As all over my leathery skin

Many soft hairy spines I bear.


I am an oval single seeded berry;

In clusters you see me grow,

When unripe I’m green, when ripe a bright red,

But sometimes orange yellow.


My translucent flesh

Is white or pale pink,

So soft , juicy and sweet,

And perfect for a drink;

With your cakes, pies and puddings,

My aromatic syrup goes along,

To have me as is, refrigerate me,

As my shelf life is not very long!


Harvest me after I ripen on my trees,

In my season that’s twice a year,

Have me aplenty for my Vitamin C,

And minerals for good health and cheer.

Can you tell me what fruit I am?

To all I am so dear.


You are the delicious rambutan, to us that is clear!

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