Raspberry – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Raspberries make the best juices and jelly spreads. Begin your day with a handful of raspberries and you’ll see how it boosts up your energy. There couldn’t be a better way to kickstart your day. Watch this fruit come alive, and tell you all you need to know about itself.

I’m a fruit that grows in temperate regions,

I’m popular worldwide for many reasons,

I’m the cousin of a strawberry,

Much loved is my juice and jelly!


On little bushes you see me grow,

Little rounded cones with a shiny glow,

I may be red, purple or black,

But a fresh fragrance I never lack!


Of a hundred druplets I am made,

In many whirls they all are arranged,

Every druplet has a tiny seed,

And a juicy pulp that’s sour sweet!


I give you fibre and Vitamin C,

Also Vitamins  K and B,

I supply vital minerals too,

And fight diseases that attack you!



Eat me raw when I’m plump and bright,

Or baked as muffins, a complete delight,

My sight and taste are such a pleasure,

Name me, I’m nutrious beyond measure!




You’re a rasberry, our treasure!


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