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They chimed throughout your childhood; you cackled away at every funny refrain; you hear children singing and keep up the custom until today… Rhymes are timeless. Appu series talks about how these verses have come to stay, pulsated through the ages and has been indispensible in the growth children.

The first introduction to any language is action packed. A child learns through onomatopoeic words… What do you make of the words ‘incywincy’ or ‘itsy-bitsy’? When you couple them with the finger-play, viola! Your child has made the first step to build his/her vocabulary, one of words and actions. Appu series firmly believes in combining the aspects of music and movements for a rich learning experience.

An article on the Merill-Palmer Quarterly, notes that a sound introduction to rhymes kindles language learning in children of age 3 1/3 years and above. The study was conducted for over 15 months and the evidence showed that children who learned rhymes picked up language quicker that those who did not (Francis, July, 1987, p. 255)

Rhymes are not just verbal. They have a lilting rhythm in them. There is a set tempo in everything around us. Driving, biking or just walking in the streets demand a lot of speed-gauging techniques.

Rhythm is crucial. Unless you’re in synch with the pulse of traffic, you cannot smoothly get anywhere. In a study conducted by Jessica Phillips-Silver and Laurel. J. Trainor in 2005, they found a close connection between movement and rhythm in the cognitive functions of a child who starts with learning rhymes. (Jessica Phillips-Silver, June 3, 2005)

Rhymes definitely give a child that measured and mathematical acumen to navigate this world. It is fascinating to watch your child go through this journey of making sense of theirs world around. Words, objects, melody, rhythm ALL have a role to play.

Appu series’ 8 volumes of nursery rhymes have a mixture of riveting traditional rhymes from the most cherished Mother Goose collection. The rhymes are animated for the visually inclined. A feast of colours paints the screen, with words flashing as the song proceeds.

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