Rhinoceros – Animal Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

Rhinoceroses are one of the most fun animals to learn about. They are extremely shy. They get their name for having an extra long nose made of keratin… Their horns! Here is a song that tells you things you ought to know about them.

I’m the great rhinoceros;

My thick skin is covered in dust.

I snort, growl and trumpet too,

To say hello to you.


In some parts of Africa,

And also in Asia,

You’ll find me in the grasslands.

I lie on soft lands.


I eat grasses of all kinds,

Plants and roots all combined.

I weigh more than a ton,

Despite my weight, I can run.


My calves weigh a hundred pounds;

They stay with me for sixteen months.

They have only one horn,

When they’re newly born.


I live to be forty years.

I’ve folded skin front and rear;

It’s not an armour like you think;

I have sensitive skin.


Sometimes live in herds,

We wallow in the dirt.

Black and white we’re both alike

But black’s mouth’s small and white’s is wide.



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