Rose Apple – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Rose apple, all crunchy and sweet. Are you ready to bite into one and eat? Munch on this fruit and see what it has to give you. It’s a wonder. It’ll fill you with all the nutrients you need. Here is a song that tells you things you ought to know about this fruit.

I’m a bell shaped fruit with the scent of a rose,

And a yellowish green or pink skin that glows,

South East Asia is where I like to grow,

Everywhere my shrub is grown as an ornament though.

A guava and I are closely related,

During hot summers I’m so awaited,

Just bite into me and you’ll feel refreshed,

You’ll know how juicy, sweet and crunchy is my flesh.

I have a few seeds, hard and round,

When I’m shaken, they make a rattling sound,

Eat me whole but do leave out my seeds,

They are poisonous, it is believed.

I’m highly perishable as I bruise easily,

To store me you must refrigerate me,

Don’t miss my mouth watering jelly and juice,

Also my lip-smacking pudding and mousse.

Detoxify your system by eating me,

Have me for my fiber and vitamin C,

I’ve the name of another fruit in me like pineapple,

Name me and eat not little of me but ample!



You’re a tropical fruit and called a rose apple,

Although you aren’t related to an apple!

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