Safety Rules – Vehicle Rhyme

Safety rules are extremely important! They keep you out of danger any day! There should be some regulation, especially when you use roads… People driving at their own speed and will could only mean trouble! Here is a song that tells you why you need safety rules to wade through the traffic.

Jeeps and ships, trains and trams,

Bicycles, planes, trucks and vans,

Around the world, on these let us go,

But the traffic rules, first let us know!


Always walk, on a footpath,

When on your way to school or a park.

Whenever possible, use bridges and subways,

On zebra crossings, cross roads always!



Before you cross, stop awhile,

Look well to your left and to your right,

On the roads never, play or run,

Even if it is a lot of fun!





When the traffic light, turns color red,

Just stop and do not go ahead.

When it turns yellow, with care you must go,

When it turns green, off you may go!



Never put out, your head or hand.

From a moving train, bus or van,

Never board or alight, from a moving bus.

Even when delayed, do not panic or fuss!



Wear a helmet on a two-wheeler.

Buckle up the belt in a four-wheeler.

To follow all rules, you must strive,

As so very precious is your life!

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