Sapodilla Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Sapodilla fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Sapodilla cartoon fruits song for kids. A fruit that comes from South America and has immense roughage. It helps your body take in more nutrients that it needs. Here is a song that throws light on sappodilla’s significance.

Central America is my birthplace,

Then South Asia took me in its embrace,

I grow in places warm, on evergreen trees,

That dies in places that freeze!


I’m oval in shape, sometimes I’m quite round,

I have a peel that is an earthly brown,

When ripe my pulp is soft, grainy and very sweet,

I’ve big, hard, black seeds you cannot eat.


I give you energy as I’m very rich in sugar,

I’m also rich in minerals, Vitamin C and fibre,

To store me long, you must refrigerate me,

Can you identify me?

Chorus : Oh sapodilla, we love your smoothie!!

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