Scooter – Vehicle Rhyme

Scooters make such fun rides… They’re so tiny, they can wind through ANY congested jam! That’s one of the greatest things about them! They’re fit for any kind of rides– long or short. It’s the most stress-free vehicle on the road! You’ll know it once you start riding one yourself, till then be patient!

I’m the light and handy scooter.

I save time and energy of every commuter.

Ride me to work or simply for fun,

With your near and dear ones!


I’m like a bicycle, but have no pedals,

My body is made up of panels of metal.

With the help of my engine I run,

rocky roads you simply must shun!


On my floorboard, keep your feet,

Sit on my comfortable seat.

Balance me on my two wheels,

Ride me and see how wonderful you feel!



Use my handle to move around,

In a village, city or town.

On busy roads, in narrow lanes and streets,

I am a great blessing indeed!


To run, petrol is what I need;

My speedometer shows you the speed;

The mirrors on my handle give a view,

Of the vehicles following you!


You may start me with a kick,

Or press a button to start me quick.

Ride me in broad daylight,

Or in the dark, using my headlight!


I may be with or without gears.

Wear a helmet to ride me without fear.

I come in so many colors and designs.

I’m so very neat and so very fine!



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