Shapes is the first thing you start understanding. Now, it’s time to recognize them! Try finding as many as you can!


I’m a Suzy Circle.

I’m happy as can be.

I go round and round.

Can you draw me?


Sammy Square is my name

My four sides are just the same.

Turn me around, I don’t care.

I’m always the same. I’m Sammy Square.


I’m Ollie Oval. A football shape is mine.

Some people think that I’m an egg,

But I think I look fine!


I’m Tommy Triangle

Look at me.

Count my sides. One, two, three.


Ricky Rectangle is my name.

My four sides are not the same.

2 are short and 2 are long,

Count my sides, come right along.



I am Danny Diamond

I am like a kite.

But I’m really just a square,

Whose corners are pulled tight.

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