Sheep Rhymes for Children

Sheep rhymes videos for children to learn about Sheep animal! The flee in flocks and they go bleating all around! Here is a sheep that can’t wait to tell you all about his kind!

I am a sheep and I live on a farm,

In a pen, paddock or barn,

My fleece is spun into a yarn,

To weave clothes to keep you warm.

I’m happy in a flock where I always bleat,

Of me you’ll find many a breed.


On green grasslands I like to graze,

On rainy and sunny days,

I’m gentle and simply love to gaze,

‘Meek as a lamb’ is a well-known phrase,

I am shepherded when I move in a flock,

I am guarded by dogs round the clock.


For my milk too farmers keep me,

A goat quite resembles me,

Keep me, breed me, milk me, sheer me,

But with love and care treat me!

With love and care treat me!

With love and care treat me!

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