Ship – Vehicle Rhyme

Ship is one of the oldest vehicles to set sail on the seas! It was to most discoveries! Watch this rhyme to know a lot more about this glorious vehicle. It’s fascinating for sure! This is the easiest way to learn one of our own greatest inventions.

I’m the big brother of a boat.

I take you to places remote.

I sail across oceans and seas.

A ship is what they call me!


I’ve helped man make discoveries,

Of many continents and countries.

In History I’ve played a big role,

As in trade of sugar and coal!


I’ve brought the world together,

Facing rough seas and weather,

But many battles I’ve been through,

And been attacked by pirates too!


When I was built in the past,

I was driven by sails and a mast.

Now I have steam and diesel engines,

Which indeed areagreat invention!


I help divers explore the sea.

Ferrying cargo keeps me busy.

For fishermen I am a great boon.

I serve the navy night and noon!


A ship master or sea captain,

Commands me from his cabin.

A compass he simply must use,

Or in the sea, my way I may lose!


I’m as luxurious as can be.

Live at leisure for months on me.

Bask on my deck in the warm sun.

Sail me for adventure and fun!

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