Snake Rhymes

Snake rhyme & video for children to learn about snakes. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on snakes. Snakes are found almost everywhere! One of the most beautiful reptiles in the world, and they always leave you with a sense of awe! Here is a snake song just for you!

I’m the fascinating snake.

I can make you, with fear, shake.

I’m a reptile, in tropical regions, found.

I live in hollows of trees,

In grass and sand and seas.

I lay my eggs in burrows in the ground.


I’ve a skin covered with scales;

It is patterned or plain,

With bright colors and a lovely shine.

I quietly coil and slither;

My prey I bite or smother,

Around tree branches I often entwine.


With a long, forked tongue I smell;

I’ve no limbs or ears as well.

It’s amazing to see me shed my skin.

My deadly fangs don’t miss;

Take it as a warning when I hiss,

Pythons and venomous Cobras are my kin.


I swallow my food whole,

Be it eggs, a rabbit or mole,

And then I keep quite a long fast.

In your yard if you find me,

Please don’t attack me,

Simply stay still and calm and let me pass.

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