Solar System – Song on Asteroids in Ultra HD (4K)

Asteroids are rocky bodies that float around the space… They don’t have an orbit of their own. They are in charge of their course. They are the major change makers in the outer space. Here is a song that tells you all about asteroids.

I may or may not be known to you,

But I’m a part of the solar system too;

I am an asteroid that roams the space,

A huge rock with an irregular body and face!




As a leftover, I was born,

When the solar system was formed;

I am studied for information

Of planets and their formation!




I may be as small as ten metres,

Or as huge as hundreds of kilometres;

In my very own belt, I orbit the sun,

With other asteroids in a bunch!






The space between planets I occupy,

And may happen to hit them as I pass by;

Between Mars and Jupiter is the Asteroid belt,

It’s the most populated of all belts!




I am made of metal and rock;

Of precious metals, too I have a stock;

I delivered water to the earth,

And chemicals that to life, gave birth!



On the earth, when parts of me fall,

Meteorites are what they are called,

Like planets I too may have a moon,

Do visit me, for my precious metals soon!

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