Solar System – Song on Planet Earth in Ultra HD (4K)

Earth is home to billions of species.There is life in every corner of the planet. 71% of it is water, the main ingredient of life… We know just as much about the depths of Earth’s ocean as we do about the outer space. There is so much to discover in this amazing planet. Enjoy this song on the planet.

I am your home planet, the earth;

The only planet where life takes birth,

Where there’s oxygen for you to breathe,

Where the world is a beautiful sight indeed!


Where rains give water, the sun gives light;

It keeps you warm, makes your world bright.

Where mountains, deserts, rivers, seas and trees,

Are home to animals, fishes and bees!


In my orbit, from the west to east I rotate;

As many as twenty four hours, I take;

The half of me facing the sun has day,

While the half having night faces away!



In three sixty five and a quarter days,

Around the sun I revolve in space;

I have the summer and monsoon seasons,

For them, my tilted axis is the reason!


I’m covered mainly by the oceans blue;

The remaining is land and that is true;

The pretty moon is my only satellite;

My gravity holds the atmosphere tight!



Life on the earth is, oh! So much fun!

In the whole solar system, like it there is none.

There are colorful rainbows, butterflies and fishes,

Parties, toys, games and delicious dishes!

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