Solar System – Song on Planet Mars in Ultra HD (4K)

Mars is the fourth planet. It’s bright red and rich in iron oxide. Recent researches show that some microbes that grow on earth are fit for life in Mars. It’s just a matter of time before we all start visiting Mars as our favorite destination. Watch this song on the planet.

I am the red planet called Mars;


I shine like a red light with the stars;

For your space research and missions,

I’m a popular destination!



I’m blood red in color and therefore,

Romans named me after their God of war.

I‘m full of red iron oxide,


And the gas carbon dioxide!



I’m about half of the earth’s size,

On me, there is a possibility of life.

My poles have water as ice,

Now, isn’t that really nice?


I have two moons, not just one.


They orbit me as I do the sun.

I have the largest volcanoes known,

And the greatest dust storms ever blown!



My day is as long as that on the earth,

But my year is twice that on the earth,

As I’m tilted I have seasons as well,

But longer and extreme I can tell!




My orbit is elliptical and odd;


I’m a special planet created by God;

I’m so near and different from the rest,

For visiting I’m the best!

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