Solar System – Song on Planet Mercury in Ultra HD (4K)

A song on Mercury! Everything about this tiny planet is mercurial… The weather changes rapidly. Blow hot and blow cold is its temperament or temperature… Watch this video and learn this song. You’ll know all about mercury in no time at all.

The smallest planet Mercury,


I am the closest to the sun.


In speed of revolution,

Faster than me there is none!


I get my name from Mercury,

The messenger of the Roman Gods;


My day is longer than my year,

Now isn’t that quite odd?


Indeed, the most elliptical,

Is my orbit;

My dark side is very cold, yet

I’m the second hottest planet!



I’m a rocky planet;

My core is an iron ball;

My gravity is quite less, but I’m

The second densest of them all!



I have no atmosphere,

No known satellite,

Without a telescope, you can see me,

Only during twilight!



I have the smallest tilt, and so

No summer, winter or monsoon;

With my craters, I may look like it,

But don’t take me for the moon.

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