Solar System – Song on Planet Saturn in Ultra HD (4K)

Saturn is a planet that’s known for its phenomenal arrangement of rings.It’s a beautiful gas giant! It’s definitely a pretty sight. There is a spurt of hydrogen and helium whirling around. It adds to the magnificence of the planet. Watch this rhyme to a closer look at the planet.

I am the jewel of the solar system;

I am the planet Saturn;

High up in the sky above I hang;

Like a beautiful lantern!


From the Roman God of farming,


I get my good name;

My ever so beautiful rings give me

My identity and fame!


I am the farthest planet visible,

Without a telescope;


I am so light, if you put me

In a big tub I would float!





I’m the second largest gas giant,

And the second fastest to roll;

I’m the flattest planet with a hot hard core,

But rather cool on the whole.



My thin rings orbit me fast,

And stretch far into the space;

Of countless chunks of water ice,

Rock and dust they are made!




I have sixty two known moons,

Titan is the biggest one;

I may be stormy, but am so wonderful,

Visiting me would be fun!

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