Solar System – Song on Planet Uranus in Ultra HD (4K)

Another gas giant! This one was discovered by William Herschel. It was the first planet discovered with a telescope! All others were known to us through stargazing. Watch this rhyme to learn all the facts about this planet.

I am Uranus, one of the gas giants.


I’m also called an ice giant.


My twin, Neptune and I look quite the same;


From the Greek God, of Heavens I get my name!




I am quite visible to the naked eye;

You just need to know where to find me in the sky.

Like other gas giants I have rings too;

My sight through a telescope will surely please you!




The Methane in my atmosphere reflects blue light,

So I look greenish blue and a pretty sight.

On me you would weigh rather less,

As my gravity is weak I confess!




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