Solar System – Song on Planet Venus in Ultra HD (4K)

Venus, the morning and evening star that lights up the sky, almost an identical twin of planet Earth, holds a world of filled with surprises. You don’t need a telescope to see this beauty. One of the easiest planets to spot! Here is a song that tells you all that more!

I’m called the morning and evening star,


Although I’m not really a star.

Planet Venus is my name;

For being the brightest, is my fame!


I’m also known as the earth’s twin sis;

Our likeness, you simply cannot miss;


In mass and size, we may be alike,

But on me, there cannot be life!


From the Roman goddess of beauty,

I get my good name, you see?



To the earth, as I am close,

You can see me without a telescope!


My orbit is the most circular;


My day is longer than my year;

Between my day and my night,

The temperatures don’t vary quite!



I have no seasons or satellite;

Unlike others, I rotate clockwise;

My thick clouds of carbon dioxide

Allow me to receive little sunlight!




I’m the hottest planet you know;

I have the most active volcanoes;

I’m as dangerous as can be;

At your risk, you may visit me!

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