Solar System – Song on the Moon in Ultra HD (4K)

The natural satellite that is sung about and written about in various fairy tales and poetry. It reflects the light from the sun and beams all through the night. It waxes and wanes, it shines in all its glory. There is a great way to learn about this satellite. Sing this song out loud!

I am the earth’s only natural satellite;

Ever so beautiful, and pleasing is my light;

Of all the stars, and the king of the night sky,

But when the sun is up, to you I say ‘goodbye’!




I was formed billions of years ago,

When the earth was hit by a huge body, you know?

I’m very hot during the day, very cold at night;

My gravity is weak, so on me you would be light!





Quite the same is the duration,

Of my rotation and revolution;

As I spin around myself, and orbit the earth,

The same side of me always faces the earth!






I orbit the earth in about twenty-seven days;

I wax and wane as I pass through many a phase;

I give no light during the new moon;

I look most beautiful as the crescent and full moon!





I am full of craters and mountains as well;

Through a good telescope, you can see them well;

Quakes on me, are caused by the earth’s pull;

The ocean tides on earth are because of my pull!





To step on me Neil Armstrong was the first man;

Now, if he could, you too surely can;

As no wind blows over me,

Your footprints will remain forever on me!

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