Solar System – Song on the Sun in Ultra HD (4K)

The Sun is the giant ball of fire that holds the Solar system together. It’s a star. It’s rays spread all across and far. It warms up everything that it touches. There is so much more that you ought to know about it… Watch this song. It’ll help you!

I am the sun; I’m actually a star,

But I don’t twinkle as I’m not so very far.

I am many billion years old,

I was once worshipped as God I am told!



A burning ball of gases is what I am;

I give you heat, light and a good tan.

I’m made mostly of hydrogen,

But also contain helium and oxygen!



There’s life on earth just because of me;

To the rain cycle, I hold the key;

I give you seasons, the day and night,

I make your world so cheerful and bright!


I am so very big in size;

In the west I set, in the east I rise;

The centre of the solar-system is my home;

I hold the planets all around me as they roam!



In summers I shine bright and strong,

When your days are hot and quite long;

In winters I shine not so bright,

So rather long and cool are your nights!



My rays take eight minutes to reach the earth;

Solar energy made from me has great worth;

Bask in my light to get Vitamin D,

But remember to protect yourself from me!


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