Soldier – Rhymes on Profession

Soldiers are there to protect people. Watch them rescue people in the most trying situations with patience, perseverance and grit. They have the discipline to fight any situation.Here is a song that tells you what their job involves… Watch and learn!

To any nation I may belong,

I’m so courageous and so strong.

I am the loyal soldier;

I am tough as a boulder;

To defend my country I fight;

 I guard its borders day and night!



I train very hard for years and years,

To face dangers without any fears.

I undergo some tough drills,

To acquire new skills,

To use weapons of all kinds,

With a firm and daring mind!



In times of a battle or a war,

Instantly I am sent for.

Fearlessly forward I march,

On my enemies I charge,

I save my country from their attack,

On my people I never turn my back!


My uniform is brown, green or grey,

I cover myself with leaves and hay.

The tanks covered with leaves and grass,

Also make a good camouflage,

This is how we soldiers try,

To escape the enemies’ eye!




I may be in mountains covered with snow,

Or in deserts where hot winds blow.

When there’s a flood or an earthquake,

I come rushing for your sake,

To save each and every life,

With all my power I strive!



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