Song on Habits – Five Good Habits in Ultra HD (4K)

Habits are nurtured. There are five that you most certainly need to follow. They’ll make you shine bright like the star everywhere you go! There is an easy way to keep these pointers in mind… Just play this song, and let it sink in!

Neena is sleeping and Appu comes to wake her up.

Appu: Good Morning! Neena.

Neena: Oh! It a holiday. Let me sleep. There is nothing I have to do today.

(Saying this she turns his head and goes back to sleep.)

Appu: (Smiling)

These are five good habits.

To be on the right track,

Practice them every day,

And get a pat on your back!




Wish & greet everyone



Every day wish all at home,

A good morning and good night.

Greet your neighbors and teachers,

To them always be polite!


Use your mornings to work,

Or study or exercise.

Then rest, play and have fun,

This will make you quite wise!


Use mornings well



All your toys, books and pens,

Shoes and shirts and jeans,

Put them back in their place,

Keep your house neat and clean!





Keep things in place



Help at home



Help your grandma find her glasses;

Fetch the papers for your dad;

Help your mama lay the table;

Fix your brother’s broken bat!




Eat wisely



Eat plenty through the day,

But do not overeat.

Have more fruits and veggies,

And less of fries and sweets!

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