Song on Indoor Games – Five Indoor Games in Ultra HD (4K)

Five indoor games is a song on things you can do when it’s horribly damp, drenched or scorching outside. There are so many games to play. They will definitely chase your boredom away. Listen to this song that gives you ample ideas, and sing along!

Neena hasfinished her exams and vacation has started.

Neena: (Bouncing Around) Exams over! Vacation Time! Come let’s go out and play.

Appu: No we can’t! It’s raining.

Tiger: Oh no! What do we do now?



School, projects, homework and tests,

From all these we need a good rest.


When it rains, or the sun is too bright,

To play these games the time is right!

(Scratches his head and the brightens up)




Let’s play carrom a lovely board game,

Let us test how well you can aim.

Let us strike the queen and the coins, black and white,

Let it be a good game, and a tough fight!



The word game scrabble is a lot of fun,

Where you can make words like ‘sun’ or ‘bun’.

To win, use many letters, not just four,

Aim at the double and triple word score!




Snakes and Ladders



Snakes and ladders, come let us play.

Don’t let those snakes scare you away!

They may send you back to square one,

But when you climb ladders, it is so much fun!


Appu: (Hopeful)

Let’s play the wonderful game of chess,

To build a sharp mind, it is the best!

Without a sword, many battles you may fight,

With your queen, bishop, rook and knight!







Playing Cards



Let’s play with the playing cards,

With the king of spades, and the queen of hearts.

With just a deck, let’s play many games,

Some with names, and some without names!







Neena: Hey it’s stopped raining! Come let’s go out.

All three run out to play, leaving Neena’s room messy.

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