Song on Machines – Five Machines in Ultra HD (4K)

It would be an understatement to say that machines have made our lives easy. They’ve changed our life style completely. Here are five special machines that have revolutionized our lives in ways we may never have imagined. Have fun learning all about them through this song called Five Machines

Appu, Neena and Tiger go to an electronic store with Neena’s parents. Seeing all the electronic items they are fascinated.

Appu, Neena and Tiger: Wow!

Appu: What are all these things?

Neena: Machines

(Suddenly a blender jumps off the shelf and comes to them.)

We are machines, we save your time,

And your energy to keep you fine!

We run on electricity;

Find us in every city!

Blender: Come let me show you around.


Mixer Grinder

I’m a mixer grinder, I mix and grind,

To help you cook dishes, of many kinds!

I blend the batter for your tarts.

A jar, a lid and blade, are my parts.


washing machine

I’m a washing machine, I wash all clothes,

Worn by you, from your head to your toes!

Detergent and water, are all I need,

I rumble and tumble, and work hard indeed!


I’m an oven, my job is to bake,

Your buns and breads, cookies and cake.

I roast and cook, vegetables too,

I grill pizzas, simply loved by you!

Dish Washer

I’m a dish washer, I wash all your plates;

In your kitchen, please do find me a place!

I wash your cups, spoons and forks too;

I rinse and dry them, and make them look new!


vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner, is what they call me,

To reach corners, my long hose helps me!

I suck up the dust, from your carpets and mats,

The sound I make, scares away the rats!

Neena: I never knew that so many things were required to do various tasks at home.

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