Song on Musical Instruments – Five Musical Instruments in Ultra HD (4K)

Musical instruments make their way to your heart, through every note and every beat that’s strummed, breathed and drummed… Keep your ears open to this absolutely wonderful aural treat! Watch the song and sing along!

Neena is playing music on a keyboard and Appu is sitting next to her and enjoying.

(Tiger walks in and asks Neena)

Tiger: What is this?

Neena: A keyboard.

Tiger: Keyboard?

Appu: It’s a musical instrument.

(Tiger looks confused)


With musical instruments, come let us have some fun.

Let us twang a string, blow a horn, and beat a drum!


With a ding-dong, and a ting-a-ling,

Into our lives, some joy let us bring.

(Scene changes to a hall with a number of instruments. One by one each one introduces itself.)




A Pianist


I am a piano, born in Italy.

Arranged in a row, I have black and white keys.

When I am played, I win your heart.

I look so grand, I’m a piece of art!



A Guitarist


I am the world famous instrument guitar.

Without me, it is rare to see a pop/rock star!

I have many strings that you strum,




A Violinist


I am a violin; My music’s fast or slow.

I’m played with a stick that’s called a bow.

Without me, there can be no ball dance,

Be it Germany, Italy, Spain or France!



A Flute Player


I am the sweet instrument called a flute.

With a row of holes, in a hollow tube.

I’m played in bands, also by shepherds.

I cast my spell over animals and birds!


A Drummer


I am a drum beaten with sticks.

I add rhythm and life to your music.

I’m not just played in a band,

But also to send signals across the land!


Tiger: Wow! I wish I could play some of these.

Appu: If you practice hard you too can .



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