Song on Nature – Five Gifts of Nature in Ultra HD (4K)

Five Gifts of Nature is a song that talks about all the bounties that we have in this planet. They are all generous, and we should be thankful for all things we get. Go out and explore all these beauties! Play this song, watch the video and sing along!

Neena and tiger are enamoured by a Si-Fi movie about a space ship.

Tiger: I wish my life was that cool.

Neena: If only I could travel through the stars. They are so beautiful. I have never seen anything so amazing.

Appu: Come let me show you something…

Nature has given many gifts to us;

Leaves and flowers, fruits and nuts;

Lakes and ponds, waterfalls and seas,

Five more of them let us see!




I’m born when it rains, or snows on mountain tops.

I am a river;  I simply never stop.

My water is sweet, many fishes live in me.

I flow through plains into a lake or a sea!


I am a mountain, a triangular wall,

I’m so strong, I never ever fall!

On me you’ll find many trees and a lot of snow,

I may be very high or may be quite low!






You know me well, I am a tree.

I’m home to many birds, animals and bees!

I give you shade, fruits and air to breathe.

I am your friend; please do not cut me!


I’m the rain, I fall whenever I like.

Sometimes I’m heavy, and sometimes I am light.

I fill up wells, rivers and streams.

I turn the grass and leaves so green!






I’m the mighty ocean; I look green or blue;

There are five of me, not just one or two.

I have pearls, and fishes you’d love to see;

To see them, simply you must dive into me!


Neena: Earth is so much cooler. I just don’t want to leave anymore.

Tiger: (Excited) Me neither.





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