Song on Toys – Five Toys in Ultra HD (4K)

Five toys that are loads of fun to play with. Some are fluffy, some are bricky, and some just won’t stay in one place… They zip, zap and zoom all over! Play this song and find out which five toys are in focus!

Appu, Neena and Tiger are spring cleaning their toys cupboard. They break out in to a song.


Toys, toys, toys,

How we love toys!


Kitchen sets and dolls,

Bubble blowers and balls,


Be it a train, a car or a bus,

Old or new, big or small, they are precious to us!








Lucy my doll,

Is oh so very fair,

With rosy lips,

Blue eyes and golden hair,

I love to dress her up,

In pretty clothes,

And style her silken hair,

And paint her tiny toes!



Of my building blocks,

I have a great stock,

In many colours and shapes,

They are from New-York,

With them I like building, so many things,

Bridges, moats and towers and castles of kings.



Zip zap zoom,

My cars’re all over the room,

How fast they speed,

On their little wheels,

With tiny windows, tiny seats and doors,

I have them in all colours, but can I have some more?


My toy rabbit Puffy,

Is so very fluffy,

Soft as a cotton ball,

He’s loved by one and all,

I love to hold him tight,

All through the night,

And I simply don’t like it when he is out of sight!

Appu and Tiger


Round and round,

My ball rolls on the ground,

I throw and catch it,

And bounce it up and down,

I juggle it too, quite like a clown,

But when I kick it too hard, it is simply not found!


Tiger: I don’t think I can throw any of these out.

Appu: But we must remember that it is for a good cause. You are donating not throwing it.

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