Song on Outdoor Games – Five Outdoor Games in Ultra HD (4K)

There are games you can play outdoors… There are 5 precisely that you can choose! Here is a song that gives you a fun list of things you can do! What are you waiting for? Put on your shoes and explore! Watch this song and learn all about these games.

Neena’s holidays have begun and she is missing the school swings and her friends.

Tiger: Come Neena! Appu! A lot of new swings have been set up for us to play.

(All three of them rush out and as they run Appu begins to sing.)


When it is a holiday in school,

The sun’s not too strong and it is cool,

When the sky is blue, clear and bright,

To visit a park, the time is right!






Neena: (Running to the slide)

How I love to play on the slide,

And glide down from a great height.

On straight and curved and all kinds of slides,

Why don’t you join me for a ride?



Tiger: (Swinging High)

What fun it is to be on the swing!

It’s such an exciting thing;

High up in the sky, let us take wing;

To and fro, front and back, as we sing!










Appu: (He goes to the sea-saw and tries to swing with Tiger)

On the seesaw it is fun to play,

Up and down, with your friends as you sway,

Neena: (Laughing at Tiger and Appu sitting at the swing)

But make sure your weight is right,

And you aren’t too heavy or too light!

Tiger: (Annoyed with Appu)

When I’m on the monkey bars,

I can do many things like a star.

I can hang by my hands and feet too;

There is nothing I cannot do!


Monkey bars


Merry go round


All three of them together: 



Round and round in circles we go,

On the merry-go-round, you know?

With us, the world too spins around,

Even when we get off to the ground!




Neena: That was so much Fun!


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