Song on Senses – Five Senses in Ultra HD (4K)

Five senses that you should be most thankful for! They help you make sense of the world that you live in… quite literally! Just think about all the wonderful things that fill this world. Watch this song to know how these five sense work together.

Some dust gets into Neena’s and she starts to vigorously rub them. Appu stops her saying

Appu: Stop Neena! You will hurt your eyes by doing that.

Neena: But something got into them. I need to get it out.

Appu: Then you should wash your eyes not rub them. It can damage your eyes.

(Tiger who is looking at all this starts to sing)


The eyes, tongue, ears, nose and skin

Make this world a joy to live in;

The sweet smell and taste, of colorful fruits;

The feel of the breeze, the music the of flutes.

Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell

Are our five senses, know them well!






Appu (His eyes dancing)

A pair of dancing twins, that give us sight,

And make our world, so colorful and bright.

These are our eyes; with them we see,

The fruits and the flowers, the birds and the bees.

Blue or green, brown, black or grey,

They also tell whether, we are sad or gay!






The fragrance of the rain, and the rose,

We can smell, because of our nose.

The sweet smelling powder of a baby;

The lovely perfume worn by a lady;

The tempting aroma, of coffee and cakes,

And those pizzas, that mummy bakes!






The chirping of the birds, the buzzing  of the bees,

Our ears help us to hear these.

The songs mama sings, the stories she tells,

The beat of the drums, And the ring of the bells,

The pitter patter, of the rain,

The chug of an engine, and the horn of a train!




Our skin helps us feel, mama’s loving touch;

A cat’s soft fur, that we love so much;

The warmth of the wool, the smoothness of silk;

How hot or cold is the tea or the milk;

The tender skin of a baby just born,

And the fresh green grass, growing in the lawn!


The sweetness of sugar, honey and dates,

Because of the tongue, we can taste.

The sourness of lemons, the saltiness of salt,

The bitterness of a bitter gourd,

The spicy chillies, the piping hot chips,

And the ice-creams, that make you lick your lips!



Neena: (coming out of the bathroom having washed her eyes) Thank you guys. That helped a lot. From now on I am going to take good care of my sense organs, and respect them.


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