Songs On Five Things You Should Know in Ultra HD (4K)

Five Indoor Games 00.00 There are some amazing games you can play… You don’t even need to take a step outside your room! Here are some PENTASTIC (get it? five fantastic) board game solutions to fight your boredom. Five Gifts of Nature 02.08 There are things in nature that we often ignore. It’s time for us to go out and embrace it in all its forms and beauty. Let’s learn to appreciate! Five Good Habits 04.40 There are five habits that add magic to your life. It starts with the very basics of recognizing the a fellow human being. You’ll see how much brighter it makes your day. Five Outdoor Games 06.35 There are five amazing games that you can play outdoors in a park. Walk around and spot these things when you go for a stroll. Five Toys 08.34 There are so many kinds of toys. Hard, soft, noisy, fluffy and the list never ends… What are five toys that stand out the most? Watch this song to know what they are! Five Senses 10.27 Our five senses help us get a better picture of the world that we live in. This song shows you how important they are… Five Musical Instruments 13.49 Music is one of the best gifts we have. There are five important instruments that none of us can get enough of… Let’s have a close look at them! Five Machines 15.46 Machines have made things easy for us. We have plenty of time for so many other things– read a book, play a board game or listen to music while they’re getting our job done! Five Things Used for Hygiene 17.43 Five essential things to stay clean. Watch this song and you’ll surely agree. Keep using these five fantastic things! Five Main Parts of a Plant 19.56 Plants have five important parts. They keep them alive and healthy. Do you want to what each part does? Play the song and take notes!

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