Spinach – Vegetable Rhyme

Spinach or greens, they’re every bit as good as they seem. They go well with just about any kind of dish! Here is a song dedicated to this delicious leafy-veggie.

I am a green leafy veggie,

My good name is spinach.

I have more than meets the eye.

My nutritive content is so high,

You simply must give me a try.

I’m the favorite of the sailor Popeye!


You can buy me at the greengrocers,

When my leaves are fresh and a bright green.

In a cool climate I like to grow,

All the year round you’ll find me though,

In your window too I grow well you know,

Seeing me grow you’ll forget your woe!


Have plenty of my salads, soups and curries,

Add me to your pasta and pizza too.

For your eyes is great my Vitamin A,

I’m full of Vitamins B, C, E and K,

Fiber and minerals that help in every way,

To keep you healthy and anemia away.

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