Starfruit – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Cut the fruit open and it will show its true shape. It shines like a star! Even better, pop it in and let its magic begin. It’ll put a sparkly smile on your face. Here is a song that sums up all you need to know about the wonderful star fruit. Play it!

I was born in South-East Asia,
Slowly grew my fame in Latin America,
In Australia too now I’m well known,
In many places, as an ornament I’m grown!


I look yellowish green when I am unripe,
Greenish yellow when I turn fully ripe,
I come in varieties sour and sweet,
They are equally wonderful to eat.


I’m oblong with ridges running lengthwise,
And shaped like a star, when cut crosswise,
Inside are a few edibleseeds,
That look much like tiny flat brown beads.


Juicy and crisp is my translucent flesh,
Eat me with my thin peel when I am fresh,
The bigger and yellower, the sweeter I taste,
To make tangy sauces and sweet jams, use my paste.


Salads are garnished with my star shaped pieces,
My juice is blended with that of plums and peaches,
My antioxidants keep you fit as a fiddle,
Who am I,can you solve this riddle?

You’re a starfruit or carambola and that’s simple.









Carambola and star fruit too.

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