Strawberry – Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Strawberry fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Strawberry cartoon fruits song for kids. Strawberries are a distinct red and they’re so good some of the bitterest medicines are strawberry-flavored and helps it go down easy!

I’m one of the prettiest fruits,

In the country France I have my roots,

In cool places I like to grow,

On runners and in bushes low.


I’m small, conical and a bright red,

With a green, leafy crown on my head,

My skin’s full of tiny, edible seeds,

My pulp is juicy, tangy and sweet.


I’m full of Vitamin C,

Have me fresh and ripe in plenty,

My flavour’s loved in jams and jelly,

Who am I if I’m not a cherry?

Chorus : Called a strawberry, but you’re not a berry!

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