Sweet Lime Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Sweet Lime fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Sweet Lime cartoon fruits song for kids. Sweet lime is tangy… it’s not as lemony as it is orangy, It’s the best known immunity builder in most people!

I’m a citrus fruit, growing on a thorny tree,

Quite like an orange you’ll find me.

I’m sour and green when I am unripe,

Sweet and green or yellow when I am ripe.



Inside me, segments with a pulp are seen,

with a few white tiny seeds.

My juice is refreshingly sour and sweet,

Perfect to beat the summer heat!



Have lots of me, when you’re in ill health,

Of Vitamin C and minerals, I have great wealth.

In every doctor’s good books you will find me.

Which tropical fruit am I? Identify me!

Chorus : You’re a sweet lime, sweet and  lemony!!!

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