Tailor – Rhymes on Profession

Tailors are like magicians, they make gorgeous outfits that perfectly hug your body. Just think about what you would be covered in, if there was nobody sewing clothes for you…You’ll walk around in large pieces of fabric. Robes! Here is a song that tells you all about how tailors create such beautiful clothes.

I am the wonderful tailor; I stitch clothes for you.

I make you feel nice and good; in garments fresh and new!

In my little workshop, I work silently.

My customers surely keep me busy as a bee!


A measuring tape, scissors and needles are my tools,

Also pins, pens and thread around spools,

A sewing machine is my best friend indeed,

It helps me stitch all your clothes with ease and speed!


I first take your measurements with a tape.

Then cut and sew the fabric perfectly into shape.

My eyes are pinned to my work all day long,

To the whir of my machine, sometimes I sing along!


For men I stitch jeans and jackets, trousers and shirts,

For women, pretty dresses, blouses and skirts,

For babies, bibs and bonnets in pink and blue,

Uniforms and fancy clothes for little ones like you!


I also sew furnishings of many kinds.

With buttons, laces and frills, I make them look fine!

I handle fabrics of cotton, jute and nylon,

Satin andsilk andvelvet and chiffon!




I alter your clothes and mend old ones too.

I can even make them look as good as new.

I keep myself updated, with latest fashions.

Creating new patterns is my passion!




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