Teacher – Rhymes on Profession

Teachers are those you spend the MOST part of the day with. They spend hours preparing for every class. They make sure every child gets their attention, and some of them leave a lasting impression in you… Yes, they do! Now, here is a song that tells you all about a teacher’s job! Have fun!

I’m a teacher so dutiful,

I make your world beautiful,

When it’s not a holiday,

I’m with you in school all through the day!


I wish and greet you with a warm smile,

I’m always pleasant but cross once in a while!


I sing, chat and play with you,

Tell you stories old and new,

I teach you to use scissors and glue,

To tell any color, be it pink or blue!


I teach you to read, write, count and spell,

Add, subtract, multiply and divide as well!


The black board is my greatest aid,

I use it in each and every grade,

I use charts and models too,

I do many experiments for you!


I teach science, math, computers and art,

History, geography, languages and craft!


I teach you to be kind and good,

To share your things as you always should,

To work hard and never to cheat,

To always be clean and neat!


I cheer you up when I see you sob,

And give you a star when you do a good job!

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