Tomato – Vegetable Rhyme

Tomatoes are full of anti-oxidants! Slurp them up as juices or in soups! They can energize you seconds.They’re simply nutri-lecious!

I’m the bright red tomato,


in cool places on vines I grow,


My taste is tangy, my shape is round,


Flooding the markets, I’m always found!!


I’ve a thin skin, a juicy pulp and tiny, edible seeds,


My juices and salads are very refreshing indeed.


In soups and gravies I simply rock,


Keep me refrigerated in a stock!


Without my ketchup, French fries are no fun,


Like the rainy days without the sun!


Have me cooked or have me raw, have me ripe or unripe,


For my Vitamin C, fiber, minerals and for a better life!

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