Top 100 Animal Rhymes in English

Animals are fun to sing about! They make funny noises and they have some really curious habits too…Here is a collection that kids will simply adore, it has Top 100 Animal rhymes most loved by all! Titles Included: Old MacDonald Bingo Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day The Animals Came In Two By Two Three Young Rats Hey Diddle, Diddle The Ants Go Marching Hickory Dickory Dock Baa, Baa Black Sheep Mary Had A Little Lamb Little Robin Redbreast Sat Up On A Rail This Little Pig Goosey, Goosey Gander Ding Dong Bell Incy Wincy Spider The Farmer In The Dell Bow , Wow, Says The Dog Alice The Camel Piggy On The Railway Two Birds She’ll Will Be Coming Around The Mountain Cat’s Sleep Anywhere Once I Saw A little Bird Vintery, Mintery, Cutery Corn Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat Three Blind Mice Pop Goes The Weasel As I Was Going To St. Ives Five Little Monkeys Hanging On The Tree Little Robin Redbreast Sat Up On A Tree Ride Baby Ride Bow, Wow – Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow-Wow One, Two, Three, Four, Five Birds Of A Feather Sing A Song Of Six Pence Little Arabella Miller Little Miss Muffet Two Little Dicky Birds Hickety Pickety A Hunting We Will Go The Cuckoo Six Little Mice Sat Down To Spin Kitty White A Swarm of Bees in May For Want Of A Nail Where Has My Little Dog Gone Bat, Bat Come Under My Hat Lady Bug A Cat Came Fiddling Old Mother Hubbard This Little Froggy Lion And The Unicorn Three Young Rats Dickery, Dickery Dare Three Little Kittens Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day Little Poll Parrot Little Rabbit Bell Horses Hello Rabbits Easter Bunny Cocks Crow Welcome Cow Bonnie Bee Little Tommy Tittlemouse The Boy and The Little Sparrow Pussycat Ate The Dumpling A Wise Old Owl Twenty White Horse Diddlty, Diddlty Dumpty I Had A Little Pony (His Name Is Daple Gray) To Market, To Market Swan, Swam Over The Sea I Love Little Pussy I’ve Got A Horse Hark! Hark! A Little Golden Fish Cuckoo, Cuckoo Tom, Tom, The Piper Son Cackle, Cackle ABC, Tumble Down D If I Had A Donkey I Saw A Ship A Sailing Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear If Wishes Were Horse Little Bo Beep One To Make Ready A Little Boy In The Barn Deep Blue Sea Great ‘A’, Little ‘a’ Round And Round The Garden Elsie Marley On My Pony Five Colorful Birds A Rabbit Came Out Five Little Naughty Mice My Puppy Yellow Ducky Rabbit Astronaut I love My Puppy Ten Little Pigs Five Dangling Teddies The Tortoise’s Wish We Love To Play Fuzzy Wuzzy Butterfly, Butterfly

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