Top 30 Entertaining Rhymes

A precious collection of some the most thoroughly engaging and entertaining children’s songs! Top 30 Entertaining Rhymes are carefully selected purely for your entertainment!

Titles Included:
1. Six Little Ducks
2. The Bear Went Over The Mountain
3. Where Is Thumbkin
4. The More We Do Together
5. A,B,C, Tumble Down D
6. A-Hunting We Will Go
7. Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me
8. I Had A Little Hen
9. Go In And Out The Window
10. Once I Saw A Little Bird
11. Looby Loo
12. Monday’s Child
13. Dance To Your Daddy
14. See A Pin
15. The Grand Old Duke Of York
16. For Want Of A Nail
17. A Well
18. Kookaburra
19. Baby’s Boat
20. Dusty Miller
21. He’s Got The Whole World
22. Little Blue Betty
23. Play, Play Everyday
24. Cock Robin
25. Round And Round The Garden
26. Make New Friends
27. Barber, Barber
28. The Robin
29. There Was An Old Woman Tossed Up
30. My Lollipop Tree

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